Eric Cuts $1.2 Billion from Clean Public Transit

Los Angeles is known for traffic, not public transit– and Eric Garcetti has done little to change that. While he talks about making LA a haven for riders, under his watch ridership has fallen to the lowest point in more than a decade (and that was before the pandemic). In September 2020, Eric presided over the decision to cut LA’s transit budget by $1.2 billion. The 2021 plan will cut already infrequent service, pushing more riders out of the system and forcing LA’s most vulnerable residents onto crowded buses, as COVID-19 continues to spread. With issues from bus shelter installation to transit policing, Eric’s transportation policies have always failed to prioritize the riders who actually rely on public transit.

150% Increase in LA’s Unhoused Population

Eric refuses to act to address the ongoing housing crisis in Los Angeles. Under his watch, the number of new supportive housing units promised under Prop HHH has slipped from 10,000 to only 6,000. Similarly, his early-pandemic plan to shelter unhoused residents in vacant hotel rooms began with the offer of 15,000 rooms– but as of November 23, only 3,295 rooms were operational. Meanwhile, deaths of the unhoused have gone up 36% since last year. And as COVID-19 puts tens of thousands of families at risk of losing their homes, Eric has ignored repeated calls for rent relief and protections from eviction. Eric’s approach will only increase housing insecurity while leaning on criminalization of our unhoused neighbors, putting developer profits over the needs of residents.

Welcome to Garcettiville. We’re sorry it’s come to this.

Eric Garcetti has always put his political ambitions over the needs of the city he was elected to represent. So it’s no surprise he’s spent so much of 2020 away from Los Angeles, working to secure his own seat in Joe Biden’s administration. While he’s been gone, LA activists have worked overtime to cover for our missing mayor: providing essential services to unhoused communities, building coalitions to reimagine public safety, and establishing mutual aid networks in the wake of COVID-19.   
When Eric is actually in town, he can be found disappointing folks from all political points of view through his inaction on pressing issues such as housing, transit, climate, policing, and the economy. In recent months, Eric is best known for enabling sexual violence in his own administration, and closing down COVID-19 testing centers as retribution for Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Our Next Action is 12/9/2020